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we bring your ideal prospect
to your fingertips, using our framework called:

Lead Machine

Social media and advertising are just part of the story. At Engram Media we work to understand your target audience, then we use that knowledge to refine your offer and craft creative that gets real, measurable results.

and, it works like magic,
this is how:


    Choosing the right Media

    Media is a constant cycle – from finding the perfect mix between what your audience wants and what draws their attention, to devising a comprehensive messaging strategy that delivers.

    Social Media, Google, Press, TV-ads - we help you invest in most profitable media for your business.

  • WE Create


    Today, people don’t want to read lengthy articles or search for explanations – they just want to press play, and see everything they need in one, awesome place. Marketing video has the power to boost conversion rates by 80%, and it’s no surprise that 92% of marketers say that video is a critical part of their overall marketing strategy.

    We have a team of video production and motion design professionals who create captivating media content that grabs attention.


    with AI

    From the first contact with your brand to the point of deciding to commit, your customers path must be clear and frictionless.

    Metrics tell us what works and what doesn't, and we use AI software that helps us target weak spots, and optimize funnel steps that will bring highest revenue increase for your business.

    Welcome to the future.

What sets us apart
from our competitors?

We are
Start with a winning strategy, end with perfect execution. Engram Media is a one-stop shop for anything digital – from creative graphics to cinema-grade video, organic ranking, or paid advertising – our only focus is your growth.
We speak Your values.
We attract buyers across all demographics with creative that cuts through the clutter. Strong sales messaging paired with eye-catching video that is made by us make it easy for customers to make the right choice.
We deliver.
We use the most cost-effective channels to connect you with the people you care about most and drive short and long-term results.


Brands that work with us double their revenue in the first 60 days. We are consistant in delivering effective media coverage that drives business.

Hot Inbound Leads.

companies that work with us have (on average):

  ◉ 90% qualified inbound leads increase

  ◉ 35% conversion rate increase

  ◉ 3X return on advertising investment

Our data-driven strategies deliver revenue growth and targeted talent acquisition.

Strategy that sparks
'Word of Mouth'

Our media strategies, funnel deveolpment and deployment have achieved for our clients on average:

  ◉ 4X client customer base increase

  ◉ 180% increase in audience engagement on social media

  ◉ significant increase in positive reviews

Authority Positioning

We build clients media for the long run, with attention to details, which results in:

  ◉ Thought Leadership

  ◉ Competitive advantage

  ◉ Networks and collaborations

engram media partner: blue marble agency
engram media partner: blue marble agency

We seek a partner to amplify media power for
to achieve unimaginable results.