Hiring Truck Drivers in 2024:
How to Find and Keep Top Talent

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Feb 10. 2024.

The news about the truck driver shortage isn't new - but in 2024, it's as serious as ever. 80,000 open positions. Record high turnover rates. If you're a fleet operator, no doubt you're feeling the pain.

Without enough drivers behind the wheel, your trucks sit idle. Deliveries fall behind. And your business suffers.

So how can you attract and retain the CDL holders you need to keep goods and profits moving?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover:

  • Key strategies to recruit qualified truck drivers in 2024
  • Tips for onboarding and supporting new hires
  • Ways to improve driver retention and build an exceptional workforce

Whether you're looking to expand your fleet or stop the bleeding from turnover, you'll find actionable techniques to connect with top talent.

Let's get started building your all-star trucking team.

Recruiting Truck Drivers By Improving Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand - essentially, your reputation as a place to work - has a major impact on hiring. Build yours thoughtfully and market it aggressively to reach more qualified candidates.

✅ Highlight Your Culture

Today's drivers want to feel valued and know their needs will be respected. Showcase the positive, supportive environment you offer drivers through photos, videos, and testimonials. Does your team feel like family? Make that clear.

✅ Emphasize Work/Life Balance

Many drivers quit because time away from home takes a toll. Advertise schedule flexibility, routes that get drivers home frequently, and a commitment to balance.

✅ Share Driver Perks

From rider policies to pet allowances to bonuses, don't keep the details of your compensation package secret. Be transparent about everything you offer to attract the right applicants.

Leveraging Targeted Outreach

You can't rely on job posts alone. Reach out directly to potential applicants through:

  • Trucking job boards like CDLlife.com and TruckersReport.com
  • General sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and local Craigslist
  • Trucking schools and training programs
  • Underrepresented groups including women, veterans, and formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Your website and social media channels

Crafting Compelling Job Listings

Write job posts and descriptions that quickly convey what sets your company apart.

  • Keep copy concise, sincere, and free of industry jargon
  • List compensation details like pay rate, bonuses, and benefits
  • Describe day-to-day responsibilities honestly
  • Share any special perks that make your jobs more attractive

Making Competitive Compensation Offers

Pay alone won't guarantee loyalty, but uncompetitive pay will drive candidates away. Benchmark rates in your region and specialties. Consider boosting base pay, offering sign-on bonuses, adding retirement plans, and more.

Onboarding and Supporting New Drivers

Once you've made a hire, set them up for success through:

  • Thorough onboarding: Explain all systems, tools, and standard procedures
  • Regular check-ins: Connect frequently to address questions and concerns
  • Swift assistance: Provide support contacts and rapid response to issues
  • Route planning: Give new drivers shorter, easier routes at first

Retaining Truck Drivers By Focusing on Experience

Low driver turnover saves you money on recruiting and training. Make retention a priority with:

✅ Open Communication

Solicit driver feedback regularly. Adjust policies when possible to accommodate needs and requests.

✅ Top-Notch Equipment

Invest in trucks with the latest tech and comforts. Outfit with preferred tools and amenities. Stay on top of maintenance.

✅ Health Support

Share fitness resources. Provide education on health risks. Offer robust medical insurance.

✅ Home Time

Schedule trips to get drivers home frequently. Adjust routes around driver needs when feasible.

✅ Work Incentives

Offer bonuses, gifts, and pay increases on a regular schedule. Make sure drivers feel recognized and rewarded.

By taking a driver-focused approach to hiring, onboarding, and company culture, you can build a satisfied workforce that sticks around for the long haul.

Want Help Improving Your Driver Recruitment and Retention?

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