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A Chicago-based trucking company, renowned for its top-notch service, faced significant challenges in finding new truck drivers willing to work. Transportation market desaturated in 2023 which compounded their difficulties in reaching qualified drivers, particularly owner-operators interested in driving regional routes.


They required a method to effectively connect with drivers who are specifically interested in their offer, possess all the necessary qualifications, and are prepared to commence immediately.

• Trucking company had little to no media presence

• Relying solely on leads from trucking job platforms

• No developed lead acquisition system

• No data on current website visitors / audience

• Narrow target audience (only owner-operators)

Despite many challenges this trucking company was facing, we agreed to partner and reshape their media presence. Advertising in Employment category imposed significant restrictions on audience targeting and the utilization of pixel data, posing a hurdle for our advertising efforts.

Eitherway, we were confident we could make an impact.


Our extensive research has revealed that the primary way their target audience discovers opportunities is through Google searches, while Facebook serves as their go-to social media platform, with Instagram as a close second.

Leveraging this knowledge, we’ve developed a streamlined funnel that maximizes lead generation through these channels, ensuring optimal results for our client.

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Funnel Refinement

We developed and optimized a highly effective lead-gen funnel that streamlined the customer journey, leading to increased conversions and ROI.

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Lead-centric Advertising

By strategically creating and distributing ads, we were able to capture the attention of owner-operators and drive qualified leads into the funnel.

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Social Media Amplification

Through immersive and engaging social media content, and constant publishing, we fostered organic growth across various social media platforms.


Leveraging this knowledge, we’ve developed a streamlined funnel that maximizes lead generation through these channels, ensuring optimal results for our clients.


Facebook Followers

In just two months, and our page now has a substantial following of 14,753 and continues to grow. The majority of our audience comprises males in the age range typically associated with truck drivers, primarily located in the United States


Qualified Leads

As their online presence flourished, a powerful ripple effect began, attracting a steady stream of inbound calls and a surge of  job applications from individuals seeking opportunities just like our client had to offer.



The daily publication of creative content resulted in a rapid growth of the page. An ideal audience was formed, predominantly consisting of males aged between 25 and 54, with a keen interest in trucking jobs, located in the US

We developed a system that doubled fleet for this company in less than 3 months. And it's ready for another implementation.

This is a preview of what we've accomplished for this client. You can download the PDF to review the strategies, creatives, and budget we employed to attain these results:

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